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Why Cloud?

Dataseed Cloud is a self-service data visualisation platform designed to help you explore your data. Powerful, but easy to use: create your first data dashboard in 5 minutes.

No setup required

We’ll aggregate your data and create a visualisation automatically so you never face a blank page.

Appropriate charts are chosen based on analysis of your data, all of which are editable, allowing you to take full control over how your data is displayed.

Initial visualisation image

Instantly see the shape of your data

Simply upload your dataset and we’ll set up an intelligent default dashboard for you so you immediately see the shape of your data.

We respect Tufte’s principles of information design - there’s no chartjunk, and a high data-to-ink ratio.

Data visualisation example

Interactive data visualisation

You'll be able to visually explore your dataset immediately.

Simply click the charts to filter your data. There are no complicated settings to get used to so you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Data visualisation example with cuts applied

Publish & share

Control who views your visualisations.

Embed interactive visualisations in your website, make your work public, or share privately with colleagues simply by entering their email address.

Export individual charts as SVG files to produce high quality vector graphics for print.

Privacy settings example


Dataseed looks great on tablet!

Visualisations scale to adapt to the size of the screen, allowing you to easily zoom in and out to different levels of detail.

It even works on smartphone-sized devices.


We host with Amazon Web Services which offers world-class physical security and all data is encrypted during transit using SSL, this is enforced with HSTS.

Open-data friendly

If you're an individual making your visualisations and datasets public, we won't charge you a penny.

Make it your own

Customise the design, including colour, layout, charts and text. Set up aggregations, sums, averages to be calculated.

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