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Dataseed has been chosen to power the UK’s largest health data portal. Our interactive visualisations make it easy to explore and discover trends across many different clinical indicators, including:

  • Outcomes
  • Admissions
  • Patient Experience
  • Prescriptions
  • Workforce (staff numbers and expenses)

Outcomes for the UK’s National Health Service

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Professional Services

As a project manager or team leader, the ability to easily analyse time and tasks tracked on a project is absolutely essential. We use an export from Harvest (though any time tracking and invoicing software will work) to show:

  • What non-billable time is spent on
  • Staff under and over-performance
  • Revenue vs recorded hours over time

Insights into your Timesheets and Revenue

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Embedded Analytics

Dataseed makes it easier than ever to offer visualisations and analytics to your customers with out white-label solution.

Because our front-end is open source, you have full control of Dataseed’s appearance and behaviour, allowing for a seamless integration. It's fast and scalable too, just send real-time streams of data to our RESTful API.

We provide a cloud-hosted solution as well as licenses for on-premises hosting, giving you full control of your data at all times.

See how we bought ResultsMark’s social impact data to life.

Seamlessly integrate Dataseed into your product

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Startups & small business

See how startups and small businesses are saving time by connecting their spreadsheets to Dataseed. In just 5 minutes you can connect Dataseed to Google Spreadsheets, get instant clickable charts and share with your team. Great for:

  • Management Reports
  • Accounts
  • SaaS Metrics - CAC, LTV
  • Marketing Analysis

Interactive Management Reports

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