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Case Study: ResultsMark

ResultsMark is a platform to collect, analyse and share reliable social impact data. It incorporates Dataseed, providing ResultsMark users with rich insight into the services they provide, use or fund.

Most data is captured from within the ResultsMark product, through surveys, user profiles and usage data. Dataseed then provides aggregated views of this data, allowing organisations to see their performance, and for individual service users and funders to assess the relative performance of organisations.

Integration with Dataseed is straightforward. The ResultsMark app is built on Drupal and there is a freely available Drupal module that updates Dataseed in real-time. Dataseed's front-end is all open source, so ResultsMark just includes the dataseed-visualisation.js library in their site. It's also possible to embed Dataseed using just a simple iframe.

Unlike Tableau, it is not necessary to replicate all your application's users and permissions in Dataseed. You simply send along dataset-level permissions and filters that you want to be applied in a secure HMAC-signed message, so all users and permissions are managed in your application only.

Dataseed Drupal Integration

We needed a way for funders to be able to analyse and compare the data of hundreds of organisations on a real time basis and explore visualisations of the data in an intuitive, insightful way. Dataseed offered an ideal solution. Matthew Pike, ResultsMark CEO

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Dataseed is a flexible tool to visualise any data. All you need is a spreadsheet to get started and it can be integrated seamlessly into existing applications.

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