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For Healthcare Organisations

Case Study: HSCIC Clinical Indicator Portal

The HSCIC is the public body that aggregates all public health data from the UK's National Health Service - the world's 3rd largest employer. Dataseed was selected as the technology to be used to visualise and present this data to the public as part of an ambitious project to replace the HSCIC Clinical Indicators Portal.

The Indicator Portal itself is built with Drupal, with each indicator having it's own Dataseed visualisation. Previously this data has only been available to the public in spreadsheets, now the visualisations bring the data to life - it's possible to see high-level trends at an instant, then simply click on charts to refine the data - for example filtering on your geographic area. It's also possible to take these visualisations and embed them within your own website or blog, they will remain interactive and will be updated when the source data is updated on the Indicator Portal.

There are hundreds of different indicators, most are related to one of the following topics:

  • -Admissions
  • -Outcomes
  • -Illness and Conditions - incidence rates
  • -Patient Experience
  • -Prescriptions
  • -Public Health (e.g immunisation, drug use, obesity)
  • -Workforce (e.g. staff numbers, expenses and earnings)

Dataseed can be deployed on-premises, ensuring that all your data is kept securely within your private network. It is also possible to purchase Dataseed through G-cloud - the UK Government procurement framework.

Try a live demo of a Dataseed visualisation for mortality outcomes data, showing the number of deaths in the UK by area, year, sex, and cause of death. Feel free to cusomise the visualisation, your changes will be lost when you refresh.

demo laptop link

Live demo

More case studies

Dataseed is a flexible tool to visualise any data. All you need is a spreadsheet to get started and it can be integrated seamlessly into existing applications.

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