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Interactive Management Reports

Spreadsheets to valuable insights in 5 minutes

Dataseed can be used for a wide variety of data exploration, discovery and presentation needs. Data can be easily imported from spreadsheets, or via the RESTful API, and visualisations can be embedded seamlessly within your web app.

If you're tired of complicated and error-prone Excel visualisations, give Dataseed a try. It only takes minutes to import a spreadsheet of source data, before you're able to visually analyse it and create beautiful interactive reports. As soon as you import data, we create a visualisation as a starting point, so you're never presented with a blank page. It's easy to edit this visualisation, changing chart types, adding / removing charts, aggregating data by sum or average, laying out charts and changing colours.

It's never been so easy to create such sophisticated graphics, they even work on tablet and mobile too with no additional effort required. Once you've created a visualisation you can either publish it publically or keep it private and share it only with certain colleagues by entering their email addresses.

Almost all online tools allow you to export your data in CSV format, there's no need for any complicated integration. You're just 5 minutes away from important insights into your accounts, timesheets, sales, marketing, customer support, customer acquisition, surveys, or any other data that affects your business's performance.

This live demo shows accounts transactions between suppliers and customers on a government procurement framework, this is a publically available open data set.

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We use Dataseed to produce monthly board reports for our investors. All our data lives in Google Spreadsheets, so it only takes a few minutes to connect it to Dataseed. We love the simplicity, all your data is laid out on the screen instantly, allowing you to then customise how you present it. We've found actionable insights, saved time preparing our board reports, and our investors are happy as they can interrogate the data directly. Indy Sangha - Tailster CEO

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Dataseed is a flexible tool to visualise any data. All you need is a spreadsheet to get started and it can be integrated seamlessly into existing applications.

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