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Timesheet Visualisation

Instant insight into your timesheets and revenue

As a project manager or team leader, the ability to easily analyse time and tasks tracked on a project is absolutely essential. With Dataseed’s powerful analytics and intuitive data visualisation engine you can start exploring your tracked data in no time.

Using Harvest as an example for a time tracking tool, we look at the data of our favourite fictional company Nakatomi Trading Corporation over a two month period: Dec 2014 - Jan2015. To get started, simply export a detailed report as CSV from Harvest and import it straight into Dataseed - no need to change the file format or edit the data. By default the Global Measure for all elements will set to ‘Total count of rows’. We changed this to 'Total hours’, added a few element with Measure set to ’Total Billable Amount’ and rearranged the elements to suit our requirements.

Instantly we’re able to cut per client, project, task, staff, billable / non-billable and more (or any combination of these!). Setting up a simple dashboard took less than a minute and from here you’re just a couple clicks away from finding essential insights on:

  • -What non-billable time is spent on
  • -Staff over and underperformance
  • -Invoiced vs un-invoiced work
  • -Department performance
  • -Revenue vs recorded hours over time

Try adding new elements for “Billable”, “Invoiced”, “Department” or “Employee” Dimensions to gain even more insights.

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Dataseed is a flexible tool to visualise any data. All you need is a spreadsheet to get started and it can be integrated seamlessly into existing applications.

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