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Why Enterprise?

Dataseed Enterprise is a dedicated data visualisation platform customised specifically for your business requirements. Take advantage of our enterprise ready back-end to enhance your product and deliver more value to your users.

Powerful Integration

Dataseed was built to integrate with other applications.

We've developed a world class open-source toolkit that enables seamless integration with your application.

Our functionality is now your functionality. Imagine what this can do for cllient and employee portals or creating new channels for publishing your data.

Embedded visualisation example

Interactive dashboards

Add beautiful interactive dashboards to your product and empower your users to keep a finger on your data pulse.

Whilst static visualisations can offer only precomposed “views” of data, interactive dashboards can empower users to explore data for themselves; driving increased engagement with your data and adding value to end users.

Dashboard example

Bespoke solutions

Need funtionality similar to that offered by Dataseed?

We can either extend Dataseed to meet your needs or build a bespoke product from scratch tailored to your business requirements.

Leverage our expertise to help you stay ahead the competition.

Dashboard example custom

Enterprise scale

Dataseed packs a mean punch.

Do you have millions of rows of records? Do you need to visualise hundreds of GBs of data?

No problem! Contact us to arrange a demo.

Data records


All data is encrypted during transit using SSL, this is enforced with HSTS.

We host with Amazon Web Services which offers world-class physical security of the servers. Their accreditations include ISO270001.



Securely push data (e.g. Mongo, Cassandra, ES, MySQL, SQL Server) from your database into Dataseed. Connect dashboards to your live data sources and cut out any data processing time so you can focus on the things that matter most.


Fork our front-end and take control of the CSS for a white label own brand solution. Check out our open-source toolkit on Github, allowing you full control of appearance and behaviour.

On premises

We can set Dataseed up on your own hardware within a private network or offer you a private cloud solution. Just ask.

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