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How does it work?

Simple import

Just drop in your spreadsheet files, or pull data from Google Drive, Github or Dropbox. We can handle millions of rows, and if you want to import your data in real-time you can use our RESTful API.

Instant analysis

You'll be able to visually explore your data immediately.

We’ll aggregate your data and create a visualisation automatically so you never face a blank page. Appropriate charts are chosen based on analysis of your data, all of which are clickable, allowing you to instantly filter and explore your data.

We respect Tufte’s principles of information design - there’s no chartjunk, and a high data-to-ink ratio.

Make it your own

You can re-design the visualisation, changing colour, layout, and text. If the charts that we’ve chosen aren’t ideal, you can choose from a range of alternatives.

It’s also possible to change the way that we summarise your data - you can change the measure and choose from a number of aggregations including sum, average, standard deviation, min, max.

If you’re a developer, you can use our open-source toolkit on Github, allowing you full control of appearance and behaviour.

Publish & share

Embed your interactive visualisations, by copying and pasting the embed code into your website. The visualisations will continue to be driven by the live data within Dataseed.

Make your work public, or share privately with colleagues simply by entering their email address.


Dataseed looks great on tablet! Visualisations scale to adapt to the size of the screen, allowing you to easily zoom in and out to different levels of detail. It even works on smartphone-sized devices.


We provide enterprise-level security, and we can even install Dataseed on-premises within a private network. Just ask

Open-data friendly

If you're an individual making your visualisations and datasets public, we won't charge you a penny.

For developers

Dataseed is 100% customisable. We provide a hosted back-end with analytics capabilities, a RESTful API, and open-source toolkit on github.

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